Yolin (KANAKIS-1), at 0.2 AU, is a chilly desert terrestrial planet within The Ascendancy at the edge of the biozone of the Kanakis system. It has a high-iron composition and a density of 6.9. Its gravity is 1.22G. It has an axial tilt of 36° with major seasonal effects and a 15 hour day. It takes 95 local days for the planet to orbit its star. The planet has a standard atmosphere composed of nitrogen.


Yolin was settled some 400 years ago as a mining colony. Since the discovery of the slip knots, 300 years ago, it has also served as a conduit to the rest of what is called the Ascendant Cluster.

Little remains of Yolin’s once plentiful industrial and light metals. The population of roughly 8 million humans is sealed in a controlled environment below the surface amid the remains of the planet’s once active mining complex.

Yolin at once the gateway to the Ascendancy and the dumping ground for those found wanting by the ruling A.I. Asimar Station, in orbit above Yolin, serves as the local star port. From Asimar, FTL jump ships (arks) provide access to the spinward expanse of the Ascendancy. The closest systems to Kanakis are Praetor (Jump-2) and Maidahar (Jump-3).


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