The Tlau’atis, often simply called the Tlau’, are hexapedal, bi-laterally symmetric omnivores. Tlau’ hind legs have feet as one would expect, while their forelimbs have six fingered grasping appendages. The Mid-limbs act as legs at a run, or as strong but not dexterous hands at a walk. They are generally considered ‘slow’ or perhaps ‘dim witted’ when humans encounter them for the first time. This is a result of a slower metabolism sure to the lower solar output of their system. The native species as a result have slower acting metabolisms. This has resulted in a culture that is given to reflection and taking their time.

The Tlau’ homeworld is Narshu’pal in the Mar’xen system. They have a highly structured culture.

The Tlau’ have a tech-level of T0. The Tlau’ are clients in all but name of the Ascendancy. The Tlau’ are not part of “The Plan”, but they are useful in its execution.


  • Slow the fuck down.
  • You’re doing the Tea Ceremony Wrong!


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