Maania System


Technology: 2 (qualified)
Environment: 0
Resources: -1

Maania is a binary star system: a F9 V Yellow-white Main Sequence star with distant M0 V Red Dwarf companion star.


  • We are the earthbreakers and earthmakers.
  • Seek your Rite of Passage from the Stars.
  • We can’t get along.

Slip Knot Connections:

Planets in the Maania System:

  • The Dev belt (asteroid belt)
  • Ptath (MAANIA-2)
  • Asura (MAANIA-3)
  • Daeodan (MAANIA-4)
  • Amon-Seth (MAANIA-5)
  • Sphinx (MAANIA-6)
  • Ushabti (MAANIA-7)
  • Zeno (MAANIA-8)

Maania System

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