The Ascendancy


Technology: 4
Environment: 1
Resources: -2

The original Ascendancy home world, Krysallis, was a planet rich with resources of all kinds. Especially, as it turned out, those necessary for the construction of vessels capable of space flight. Early on, competition over these resources was fierce, embroiling the populace in war time and again. Scientists employed by the government of what would ultimately become the ascendancy decided to do something about it. Dr. Marisol Hoetzen-Kruppe developed the galaxy’s first truly self aware artificial intelligence. She was careful to impose strict limitation upon it, building into it’s most basic programming that human life was precious and should be protected. It was not long after that, completely unbidden by it’s maker, the A.I. proposed a plan that would unify the warring nations under one purpose: galactic expansion through technological superiority and egalitarian coexistence. Dr. Hoetzen-Kruppe was so taken by the plan of her creation that she presented it to her supervisors who recognized its brilliance and passed it up the chain – ultimately to the highest levels of government. The plan of Ascendancy, as it came to be called, became the doctrine that united the world, and in a relatively short span of time, the galaxy.

The Ascendancy promises freedom of expression and purpose to it’s exclusive citizenry. Anyone may apply to join, but what criteria ultimately serves to approve or reject applicants is known only to the A.I. minds who approve each and every new member. All menial work carried out by robotic drones controlled by the <ship>. The populace of the Ascendancy is almost evenly split between its new capital, Pinnacle, and its galactic arks. These massive arks serve as the primary means of intergalactic travel between almost all systems. Indeed, until the rise of the Union, Ascendancy Arks were the only way to travel between clusters.

The Ascendancy is viewed with suspicion and sometimes outright hatred by those uninitiated into its inner mysteries. Seen as a necessary cost of doing business between clusters, the Ascendancy’s place in the galaxy has been all but unassailable due to their habit of closely guarding the technologies that make their Arks possible. Yet recently, all of this has changed. With the advent of cheap, smaller scale ships capable of intergalactic travel being brought to market by the megacorps of the Union, many systems are questioning their dependency upon the Ascendancy and their place of privilege in the galaxy. Only time will tell how the clash of these galactic superpowers will play out.


  • Servants of the Machine
  • Have you seen my latest masterpiece?
  • Bring us your best and your brightest

Slip Knot Connections:
The Kanakis system contains the slip knots that connect the Ascendancy to the remaining systems within the local cluster.

Systems/Planets within The Ascendancy:

The Ascendancy

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