Strive System


Technology: -1
Environment: -1
Resources: -2

The Strive system has two planets orbiting an A type star. Kederas (STRIVE-1) is terrestrial, about twice the mass of Earth. It has two moons: Mooren and Wayfar. Anoximon (STRIVE-2) is a gas giant with nine moons. The Tlau’ of Mar’xen maintain a space station in orbit around Anoximon.

The Strive system is at the bitter end of the Ascendant Cluster. It’s only slip knot connection is to Mar’xen.


  • Your diplomatic kung-fu is inferior
  • Bound to the secret masters
  • 300 forms of denial

Planets in the Strive System:

  • Kederas (STRIVE-1)
  • Anoximon (STRIVE-2)

Slip Knot Connections:

Strive System

Ascendant Cluster thelesuit