Pristine System


Technology: -1 (Atomic Power)
Environment: 1 (One garden and several hostile environments)
Resources: -2 (Needs imports)

Pristine is a system that is on the decline after rising to great heights. Competitive warlord tribes strove to outdo each other in manipulating their world and themselves until the planet was terraformed into a aesthetically pleasing world without many resources. While their genetics/medicine knowledge is almost unmatched, they have modified their own genetic code so much that they constantly are looking for offworlder’s bone marrow, body parts, blood, etc to slow their own degradation. They lack the resources to get offworld on their own.

Seven planets orbit the K1 V Orange Main Sequence star at the center of the Pristine system. The Pristine system was settled by the Astaani civilization almost 3000 Standard Years ago, it was the terminus of the Astaani Cluster. The Astaani undertook terraforming the entire system, even moving some planets into more favorable orbits. Most of the planets and many of their satellites support life of some sort. Genetically engineered lifeforms were introduced to many of the planets. 2000 years ago the connection to the Astaani Cluster was severed and civilization on Pristine began to decline. Overall the system is at T-1, with some variation in scattered pockets. Given the resources available to the inhabitants it seems likely the technology of the system will slip further.


  • Terraformed into pristine uselessness
  • Genetics gone too far
  • You’ve got what I need (or we are not the space vampires you are looking for)

Slip Knot Connections:

Planets in the Pristine System:

  • Draakon, is a small hot-house world with a dense, primarily water vapor atmosphere.
  • Abbadus is the primary world in the Pristine system.
  • Holst is a planet of storms and volcanic fury. It served as a hunting preserve for the Astaani and is populated by hostile megafauna.
  • Riganarion is a rocky desert planet, sculpted by fierce winds and raging sand storms.
  • Edominar is a cool water world dotted with undersea domes and floating cities.
  • Ajjibawn is a large gas giant with several terra-formed satellites.
  • Nightsword is a cold, ice planet. Vast caverns beneath the surface are heated by geothermal vents providing for a variety of habitats.

Pristine System

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