Draakon is a planet in the Pristine system. Draakon is the closest planet to Pristine’s star. It is a small hot-house planet with a dense atmosphere high in water vapor. Most of the planet is covered by thick jungle and swamp with shallow seas. The planet is rife with aggressive introduced (and home-grown) flora and mega-fauna. It has little to no industry.

Five major noble houses vie for control of Draakon. The planetary “capital” is Castle Raidaan.

Noble Houses of Draakon:

  • House Amaranthus (major house)
  • House Rhyoshu (major house)
  • House Vroat (minor house)
  • House Raithe (minor house)

Cities and Enclaves of Draakon:

  • Castle Raidaan (planetary capital)
  • Hu’au’tilpa (regional hub)
  • Albus Tower (Enclave of House Amaranthus)
  • Emerald Spire (biofuel production facility for House Amaranthus)
  • Shrike Port

Draakon has a single artificial satellite, Verdant Aerie which is managed by House Raithe.


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