Ascendant Cluster

Amaranthus Job

Part One, the Setup

Mr_Thoth.jpg Mr. Thoth arranged to meet the party at O’Murphy’s Trappist Tavern at the foot of Mount Grosbeak on Strive. He indicated that in exchange for a job, he would point the party toward someone who could tell them more about the Starflower Project*.

The job was far from simple – but well within the party’s capabilities. Mr. Thoth’s client wanted the Lonzine Genome. The genome was synthesized by Dr. Vodrem Blitum-Davie, the lead geneticist for House Amaranthus of Draakon ( Pristine system). House Amaranthus intended to trade a copy of the genome to Pink Blossom (Union) in exchange for the creation of a biofuel production plant and refinery at Emerald Spire on Draakon. Mr. Thoth’s client wanted a copy of the genome prior to Pink Blossom (or House Amaranthus) putting it into production.


The only known copies of the genome were to be found at House Amaranthus’s research facility at Albus Tower on Draakon. However once the Emerald Spire facility was closer to completion, a copy would be handed-off to Pink Blossom. At House Amaranthus the genome was stored within the genetic code of Blitum-Davie line of woozells**.
Further Mr. Thoth requested that the theft of genome should go unnoticed by either House Amaranthus or Pink Blossom. He supplied the party with a genomic sequence analyzer that would provide a way to verify the presence of the Lonzine Genome within any given woozell.

Once the party had the woozell, they would send a message to Mr. Thoth by the usual methods to indicate that they were ready to make the drop.

Mr. Thoth’s source, a former employee of the Daro Corporation (Union), the construction company tasked with building the Emerald Spire facility, had estimated that the party had roughly 90 days before the transfer of the genome was likely to occur.

  • Starflower Project – Ascendancy project presumed to have lead to the creation of the organism currently identifying as Sirocco as well as possibly the temporal displacement of Zir Bi Uprisen.
  • A woozell is a designer pet developed in the Pristine system used for various purposes.


Engineer’s note left in the computer system of Draakon space station (source unknown): “The artificial gravity systems in the main hub are currently in a state of disrepair. The exact modules that are unreliable can be found in the attached time-encrypted file that will self-expand in 282,786 milliseconds. Thanks!”

Amaranthus Job

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