Ascendant Cluster

Amaranthus Job
Part One, the Setup

Mr_Thoth.jpg Mr. Thoth arranged to meet the party at O’Murphy’s Trappist Tavern at the foot of Mount Grosbeak on Strive. He indicated that in exchange for a job, he would point the party toward someone who could tell them more about the Starflower Project*.

The job was far from simple – but well within the party’s capabilities. Mr. Thoth’s client wanted the Lonzine Genome. The genome was synthesized by Dr. Vodrem Blitum-Davie, the lead geneticist for House Amaranthus of Draakon ( Pristine system). House Amaranthus intended to trade a copy of the genome to Pink Blossom (Union) in exchange for the creation of a biofuel production plant and refinery at Emerald Spire on Draakon. Mr. Thoth’s client wanted a copy of the genome prior to Pink Blossom (or House Amaranthus) putting it into production.


The only known copies of the genome were to be found at House Amaranthus’s research facility at Albus Tower on Draakon. However once the Emerald Spire facility was closer to completion, a copy would be handed-off to Pink Blossom. At House Amaranthus the genome was stored within the genetic code of Blitum-Davie line of woozells**.
Further Mr. Thoth requested that the theft of genome should go unnoticed by either House Amaranthus or Pink Blossom. He supplied the party with a genomic sequence analyzer that would provide a way to verify the presence of the Lonzine Genome within any given woozell.

Once the party had the woozell, they would send a message to Mr. Thoth by the usual methods to indicate that they were ready to make the drop.

Mr. Thoth’s source, a former employee of the Daro Corporation (Union), the construction company tasked with building the Emerald Spire facility, had estimated that the party had roughly 90 days before the transfer of the genome was likely to occur.

  • Starflower Project – Ascendancy project presumed to have lead to the creation of the organism currently identifying as Sirocco as well as possibly the temporal displacement of Zir Bi Uprisen.
  • A woozell is a designer pet developed in the Pristine system used for various purposes.
The Easy Job: Part Two

Train_Station___Episode_7_by_Hideyoshi.jpgCaptain’s Audio Log – <date>

It’s a bad idea to take too close a look at this one, I might start to feel a little insecure regarding my fearsome reputation as an outlaw.

There’s not too much I’m certain of here. I reckon I’m sure we didn’t deliver any cybernetic lubricants to those Squonk Operatics on Edominar. The non-specificity of the contents of those tanks suited me just fine. Compounding that with the genetic identity of our similarly ‘ cybernetically lubricatedsurgeon might make a lesser man question his morality. Not I. You pay a man to deliver something, it ain’t that man’s place to question the contents of the weird sloshy tanks you put in his hold. I might admit to feelin’ a touch of worry about what would happen if that cargo was inspected by some of those Lagoder boys. What I wasn’t worried about was that newly minted marital bed using up too much of the Scesstile’s oxygen; Especially when “Bofus and Cordelia” sauntered off ship with not so much as a word. Thought nothing of it. Not even when my blast doors were being breached by unconventionally over-armed mail carriers did I think “it must’ve been the newlyweds.” Rolston? Sure. Sirocco? definitely. Vyron Vanks? You bet your ass.

Speakin’ of Vanks. I’m laying here, recording this, staring at that gods-forsaken “shower” he installed in my bunk, still. The crew might call me gullible, maybe they’d even be right, but you tell a man about heretofore unheard of frontiers in personal hygiene efficiency is he wrong to get a bit excited? Who amongst us could resist that? Not I sir, not I.

Getting’ a bit carried away with myself. We alight to Anubis City by way of Rose hill. Not much to look at, but they don’t charge much and it’s a little more discrete. Well, nary an hour passes after docking ‘fore we are struck with a most inopportune spell of lassitude. Rather than afford us the well earned rest we deeply and suddenly needed, the universe saw fit to visit upon us some serious men who claimed to be discharging their office of the post. Even in our lethargy, we reckoned they were, in fact, hard cases sent to maim or murder. Deciding to keep the postern fast against them, we emphasized our decision with the timely application of the blast doors. They opined their business still wanting of our attention so they cut their way through my goddamn hull. Violence and terror ensued; many were met with the exasperating touch of ‘non-lethal munitions’. In the end we found ourselves not overly put out and in possession of several hostages under the command of some unknown force.

We had to wait very shortly. Mr. Zu, commander of the formerly formidable force of what turned out to be Black Talon Corp. mercs, phoned to request the release of his men. I transmitted to him our distaste for his methods and a desire for explanation as well as the necessity of the expedient repair of poor Scesstile. He revealed to me the reason for his intrusion: Bofus was none other than a young heir to the Trinity Corp. fortune. He was in actuality being ransomed by Cordelia and the Black Talon’s services being utilized by his concerned uncle Vasili. The heart weeps. Given the efficiency we demonstrated by taking out his men, Zu agreed to refer us to the uncle in question. Never being one to turn down a Job, even on a galactic cloaca like Anubis City, we agreed.

Speaking to dear uncle Vasily, we learned that “Cordelia” had demanded an alarming sum of treasure for the safe return of young Bonifus a.k.a ‘little Bonnie’. Vasili was willing to pay it if necessity demanded, but preferred to locate the larcenous young woman and avoid making Trinity a further target of ransom attempts. We offered our aid in locating the loathsome kidnapper.

I tend to be a guy who knows a guy. The guy I know in Anubis isn’t a guy, she ain’t even human. She’s a frightful vampiric dominatrix, goes by Talzibeth, that may once have tried to turn me into some kind of crime/sex slave. Not the worst example of a former paramour I might call up, but very nearly. She’s also connected to just the sort of unsavory folk might know where to find a nefarious kidnapper posing as the recently betrothed. Contrary to any sane channels of thought, we paid her a visit

I ain’t about to dwell upon the ignominy suffered in our dealings with this ravenous creature. Suffice to say that in the end, the tables were turned, no one was dead and everyone felt a bit ashamed of themselves. She agreed to help out of a sense of what no doubt was gratitude for the noble sacrifice I made for her.

The rest can scarcely be described. The phrase ‘comedy of errors’ seems fitting. We ran into that most slippery of hygiene merchants, Vyron Vanks, lurking outside noble Scesstile. Turns out he glimpsed the ‘betrothed’ being carried off by some blackguards in a black panel van. Just as we were trying to put our investigative acumen to the test in tracking it down it all proved null as we got a call from Bofus himself who had woken up on a train, peeped that he was being tailed by unsavory men, snuck of the train and then called us.

Even this convoluted mess turned out less than it seemed. As it turned out, Vasili had already paid the ransom, the boy had been turned loose on a train, the “scary men” were in actuality Vasili’s security force attempting to collect him, and no one at all was in danger. Having been caught up in the spirit of the boy’s daring escape, I might’ve overcommitted to my playing along with his internal narrative in hopes of getting him to reveal Cordelia’s location. This involved a stealthy recon of another train station, wreckless driving, Sirocco’s earnest desire to drive on train tracks and much confusion and subterfuge. If I secretly and briefly dreamed up a way to collect the ransom for myself can I really be blamed? Either way he didn’t know shit and nephew and uncle were reunited and we got paid. For what, I can’t reckon. We certainly did a whole lot of something.

I guess we’ll call this one the easy job,
-Sol out

The Easy Job: Part One


Efron Caldrake of the Strangore Corporation on Cheridan ( Lagoder Union) has a job for the crew of the Scesstile. He has a cargo that needs to go to the Chiliarch Enclave on Edominar ( Pristine).

Sol, Wilson, and Sirocco go to the meet with Caldrake at his offices on the 258th floor of the Nightthrush Tower. Zir and Al will remain aboard the Scesstile. Ostensibly Zir is to book passengers for the trip to the Pristine system. Al is tweaking the Scesstile’s transverse couplings after the last transit through atmo.

The security guys at the Nightthrush Tower are a little off-put by the rough manner of the party. Per building security regulations they are asked to surrender their weapons. Sol convinces them that the “kitty-part” of Sirocco is harmless. The Strangore Corporation occupies the entire 258th floor with a sweeping view of Maldevar City and high rises along Simonson Bay. The party is met by Caldrake’s personal security at the elevator door: Ashlea Weyer and Mariella MacKraken. They aren’t convinced Sirocco is harmless and “they” are asked to stay by the elevator. Caldrake enthusiastically invites the party to enjoy his hospitality and the view. Some small talk and banter ensues.

Caldrake is very upfront. He indicates that the cargo they are to transport consists of five cryogenically sealed crates (2.5m x 5m x 2.5m) containing harvested organs, plasma, stem cells, and bone marrow. The Bills of Lading, however, will indicate that the crates contain cybernetic lubricants. The intended recipient is Arioch Grintor of House Vinorkyss. Payment will be released to the party upon successful receipt of the cargo. Arrangements are made to pick up the cargo from a warehouse in the Hissune suburb – Caldrake has arranged non-descript untraceable ground transport that the party can borrow.

Meanwhile back at the Scessile, Zir is screening possible passengers. He doesn’t like any of them. All fail to meet his criteria and are turned away. Al, sensing that perhaps this was not the captain’s intent intervenes and is able to book passage for a young newlywed couple (Bofus and Cordelia Lagolander) and a sonic shower salesman named Vyron Vanks. The ship also gets a communique from Rolston Siedhal, indicating that they should save him a berth. Zir is less than pleased. Al is concerned about the potential oxygen consumption of the passengers.
The next morning the cargo is transported to Scesstile without incident and the ship lifts-off from Cheridan late in the evening.

The transit out to the Lagoder-Pristine Slip Knot is uneventful. Rolston keeps the crew entertained with his anecdotes and stories. Sol engages Vyron Vanks to install a sonic shower in his quarters. Little is seen of the happy, and busy, newlywed couple. Union Outbound Customs is largely uninterested in the Scesstile and her cargo and occupants. Sirocco pilots the ship through the slip-knot without incident.

[It had been Kyle’s intent to “push the envelope” with his piloting of the slip-knot and the GM didn’t allow this to happen. Bad GM – no biscuit.]

The Gravity Job
In which the party stole a thing


Altarkus knew of a piece of gravitic tech that would be worth something off-world ( Asura). Sol knew of an individual in the market for just such a thing in Kanakis.


  • The party’s first job as a group.
  • We stole a thing from New Djinn (a city-state on Asura)
  • Altarkus had to rescue the party.
  • Sold the “gravitic tape dispenser” to Mogan Krothe.
  • The New Djinni are bound to hold a grudge.

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