Welcome to the Ascendant Cluster!

This is the website for the Ascendant Cluster Fate campaign. The campaign has its genesis in the Firefly setting, the original Traveller and Cyberpunk RPGs, as well as the genres of cyberpunk science fiction and space opera. It also steals liberally from the Diaspora (Fate) rules and setting.

The players are the captain and crew of the spaceship Scesstile, a modified slip-knot capable light freighter of no fixed port. They wander the cluster undertaking capers, flouting the law, and generally trying to keep their good ship flying.

The campaign area is called the Ascendant Cluster, after The Ascendency the major civilization dominating the center of the slip-knot cluster. Dominated by A.I.’s, Faster Than Light ships, and technologies akin to magic; the Ascendency approaches a tipping point where they will either achieve transcendence or self-destruction. The Union of Lagoder is poised at the edge of the cluster, unable or unwilling to challenge the supremacy of the Ascendency, patiently waiting their opportunity to shine. Between them are scattered systems and worlds seeking stability or descending into chaos. Upon this stage our players tread to tell their own tales.

Systems in the Ascendant Cluster